Whole Foods joins list of firms who fall victim to credit card breach

The hacks keep rolling in, and now, it’s Whole Foods, one of the trendiest grocery chains in the country. Whole Foods is faced with credit card security issues, involving its restaurants, taprooms, and other in-store locations.

A statement released by the firm says that hackers had honed their focus on Whole Foods point of sale system – where clients insert their cards for payments – in a bid to steal data. When the company got to know about this, they kicked off an investigation with the services of a top cybersecurity forensics company, reached out to law enforcement, and it is working towards fixing the issue.

Whole Foods joins the list of victims of the cybersecurity breach this year

The announcement on Thursday makes the Amazon-acquired firm to become the biggest name to join the list of cybersecurity breach victims, after hacks Wendy’s, SEC, Equifax, and Chipotle, as well others.

Sonic, a drive-in restaurant said hackers also targeted their company just in the same manner as they did to Whole Foods. KrebsOnSecurity, a blog about cybersecurity reported earlier about the breaches at many Sonic outlets through point of sale system, with millions of debit and credit cards numbers possibly hacked. Experts say Chipotle and Wendy’s were hacked in the same way.

Whole Foods is carrying out investigations presently and will provide updates with time. In its statement, the firm urged its customers to monitor their card statements and lay reports to issuing bank if they notice unauthorized charges. The company added that since Amazon.com systems don’t have connections to the Whole Foods systems, transactions on Amazon.com have not tampered.