Whole Food workers work late in the night before Amazon’s takeover, working to cut down prices

Just after acquiring the $13.7 billion worth upscale grocery chain on Monday, Amazon is set to offer low prices. As part of Amazon, the employees at Whole Foods worked late on Sunday, preparing for their first day with Amazon.

Amazon disclosed that it would cut down the prices of foods at Whole Foods, starting on Monday. While Whole Foods is known to sell at high quotes, Amazon is set to cut down the prices of items like brown eggs, ground beef, organic bananas, brown eggs among others. Because Whole Foods sold at high prices, it got the nickname ‘Whole Paycheck.

Employees gathered in large groups and walked around the store on Sunday evening at the Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood, analyzing various items. An employee informed the group that it’d be a long night for them at Whole Foods. Likewise, some people are not employees to Whole Foods. They wore stickers with the inscription ‘Visitor,’ perhaps they were Amazon employees who came over to help organize the transition. Other branches of Whole Food stores had the same exercise.

Amazon’s vision for the newly acquired chain stores

With time, Amazon hopes to join its Prime membership program into the checkout process of Whole Foods. Also, it’ll introduce its Amazon Lockers package delivery machine in some of the stores acquired recently. Likewise, Amazon hopes to make Whole Foods’ private label items available on AmazonFresh, its website, as well on Prime Now and Prime Pantry.

Amazon also announced that product with Whole Foods private label, says the ‘365 Everyday Value,’ will be slashed regarding prices.

The acquisition of Whole Food Stores was disclosed first in June and was ascertained by the shareholders at Whole Foods. It’ll cause Amazon to grow in the retail niche. Whole Foods had 468 functional stores in the United Kingdom and North America and was established in Austin, Texas in 1980.

In line with Amazon increasing grocery retail footprint, Whole Foods deal has come to strengthen it. Amazon just opened 2 Amazon Fresh Pickup stores in Seattle and is testing the first checkout-free Amazon Go store. The store may be what the retail operations by tech giant require. Also, Amazon is enlarging its bookstores across the country.