Walmart tenders apology for displaying guns as back-to-school objects

Walmart has denounced a display in one of its numerous stores that sampled firearms as items apt for going back to school. On Wednesday, the company said it was still scrutinizing to figure out which of its stores was behind such display.

Is gun a back-to-school item?

A picture with the inscription ‘own the school like a hero’ was attached just above a display of guns in a glass case. The photos of this display went viral on social media, causing the masses to demand a detailed explanation from Walmart.

A Twitter user asked Walmart its suggestion with such picture. However, Walmart responded, addressing such display as a horrible and awful one.

The Walmart Spokesperson, Charles Crowson informed CNNMoney that the firm is not pleased with the picture at all, and is bent on fishing out the place where the picture was captured and finally ensure that the indication is taken down.

As at Wednesday evening, Walmart told CNNMoney through its Spokesperson that it was still trying to locate the display. However, it wasn’t apparent if the sign had been taken down because Crowson countered the news that Walmart passed earlier that it has found the location and taken away the sign, saying it was a mix up.

This incident isn’t the first case Walmart’s marketing technique left its consumers feeling violent. A Walmart in Panama City Beach had some Coca-Cola boxes stacked up to look like the World Trade Center in a clear attempt to honor 9/11. This happened last September, and Walmart hinted that it never meant any disrespect. The display was removed immediately.

Likewise, in 2014, the same Walmart tendered an apology for putting up a ‘fat girl’ costume for sale on its website.