Tesla is on a mission and consumers have to keep up

Saturday, Elon Musk was active on Twitter to talk about the rhythm of the company’s upgraded calendar, and it’s one that is slated to move dangerously fast. Musk made his position known in an answer to a tweet approaching about the potential for paid overhauls for clients who need their more established Teslas to get the most recent sensors, PCs, and innovation now accessible in the HW2-prepared Teslas.

Musk tweeted, “If we applied resources to doing super complex retrofits, our pace of innovation would drop dramatically,” noting that there’s simply no easy way of “replacing 300+ parts.” With all things being equal, in the event that you generally need the most a la mode Tesla, it would appear that you’ll simply need to continue purchasing new Teslas.

That is naturally disappointing for clients, particularly the individuals who are more acclimated to the upgrade timetable of more customary automakers. You can by and large anticipate that autos will remain moderately reliable in their plan and usefulness for up to five years, beyond any doubt, a couple changes are made here and there, yet there are no “significant revs” as Musk portrays that happen each year or thereabouts. In addition, the fairly strong sticker price of the Tesla would appear to make purchasing another one at regular intervals to some degree outlandish.

Regardless, in any case, this is by all accounts the rationality Musk and his advanced auto organization have received in their trek forward. So in case you’re hoping to make a decent venture, maybe turn away from Tesla. However, in the event that you’re willing to acknowledge that innovation moves speedier than your wallet may need it to, then perhaps you’re fine with keeping an obsolete auto for a couple of years instead of purchasing the most recent model.