Target Marketing to a Segmented Niche

Okay, so you have your niche. A niche is part of a money making industry that your business will operate in. You have your target market. A target market is that specific group of people that you will market it to.

It is time to figure out what that target market once, so you can sell it to them. People are individuals. You cannot sell to a group; you can only sell one person or one client at a time.

Each person is different. But if you can figure out your ideal customer, you can market directly to that one person. For example, if you are selling books that will help small businesses run better, you might have better success if you target your market.
As in, as opposed to marketing to a whole “small business” market, which is a big niche, you can market to just “Dental Offices” to start. You will craft your sales letter and run a campaign just to target Dentist Office Owners. You will have a highly targeted marketing and sales process design just for this one target market.

You might go as far as creating or changing your wares just for this one particular target market. For example, if you were selling a book titled “How to Have A Successful Small Business”, you could change the book slightly, maybe add a special chapter and call it, “How to Have a Successful Dentist Office”.

If your product is more personal, maybe you have a male baldness product. You could design different sales and marketing techniques that target, fathers with young kids. You could try to play on fathers wanting to be more active with their kids.

Or you can target Husbands who want to please their wife. Or young single men, who want to date and find a wife. Etc. You can get highly targeted in your sales and marketing processes.