Shoppers cautioned about Black Friday deals

Black Friday shoppers ought to look carefully before leaping for any of the offers listed in the mad rush for Black Friday, consumer group says.

Over 50 percent of the deals offered during Black Friday last year was cheaper. Either they were more competitive, or at the same price at other time of the same year, consumer group reports.

The group went on to advise shoppers to check prices of goods regularly and to do business with retailers who offer to refund part of the total cost of the good if prices drop of the good almost immediately after purchase.

The advice given by the consumer group was given based on a study it carried out on the cost of 35 well-known tech and care products from the last time Black Friday held.

Nearly 3 billion pounds is expected to be expended in this year’s Black Friday which is marked by Thanksgiving the following day. It is the norm that in Black Fridays, shops and retail outlets tempt potential buyers with deals that are mouth-watering.

Customers advised to look out for manipulated prices on Black Friday sales

“To get caught up in the frenzy and in the waves of offers made is easy, so we advise that you research and prepare properly so that you can be sure the deal you are being served is a good,” Alex Neill shared. He stands as the managing director of home services and products.

The consumer group reported that over half of the items it tracked were cheaper or even maintained at the Black Friday price on the other days.

One of such products is the Neff Slide and the Hide Oven from the store of Currys/PC World, these goods were, in fact, cheaper than the regular Black Friday price on over 100 other days of the year.