Scorpion Stings Passenger After Dropping From Above During United Airlines Flight

United has had a tough couple of weeks.

The very same day one of the airline’s passenger was famously dragged from a United airlines plane in Chicago, another man flying on a flight from the same airlines was reportedly stung by an in-flight scorpion.


The venomous insect had fallen from one of the plane’s and had landed on the man, Richard Bell, as he ate lunch on Sunday in one of the airline’s business class chairs, said Linda, his wife.

“My husband felt something in his hair. He grabbed it out of his hair and it fell onto his dinner table. As he was grabbing it by the tail it stung him,” Linda said to CNN.

It wasn’t immediately clear how a scorpion could get on that plane. It had flown to Houston that same day from a trip to Costa Rica.

The Bells had been returning to their home from vacation.

Linda said the flight attendants were quick to collect the scorpion and proceeded to flush it in the airplane’s toilet.

“Our flight attendants helped a customer who was stung by what appeared to be a scorpion on a flight last week,” said United in a recent statement. “Our crew immediately consulted with a MedLink physician on the ground who provided guidance throughout the incident and assured our crew that it was not a life-threatening matter.”


United Airlines stated that medical personnel had met with the aircraft as it arrived to Calgary.

As reported by Linda Bell, one of the other passengers had given her husband Benadryl in case he reacted badly to the sting.

Linda also said that United had reached out on Wednesday in order to offer any compensation and apologize for the scary incident.

These incidents, while rare, are not completely unheard of, as a woman had been reportedly stung by a scorpion back in 2015 on a flight from LA to Portland.