Poland Spring water sued for colossal fraud

A lawsuit was filed against Nestlé’s Poland Spring bottled water for colossal fraud. According to Courthouse News, the lawsuit against the firm, 11 plaintiffs from eight states propose that the acclaimed 100% Natural Spring Water is just groundwater gotten from wells in areas with high potential of contamination.

FDA’s view of spring water

The FDA defines spring water as one gotten from a formation found underground where water flows to the earth surface naturally. The lawsuit that claims the acclaimed Natural Spring water by the Poland Spring water are open to potential contaminants including ash pile and a landfill seeks a minimum of $5 million in damages.

According to consumerists, the claims propose that Nestlé’s wells are not connected to natural spring which is yet to be proven. The plaintiffs argued that if such spring is in existence, the company will manufacture a billion gallons of bottled water yearly. They also accused Nestle of confusing the masses that they use springs by causing the artificial flow of well water via plastic tubes or pipes into wetlands. The lawsuit filed in Connecticut on Tuesday also pointed out that consumers would not pay much for the goods, or would not even buy the Poland Spring Water products.

Nestle calls product 100% natural

According to the company’s website, Poland spring water is gotten as a spring before its emergence at the surface. Likewise, in a statement by Nestle, Poland Spring is totally spring water, and it meets the regulations of FDA.

The Press Herald points out the agreement by Nestle on $8 million in discounts for consumers in addition to charitable donations in a bid to close likely suit in 2003.