Netflix Finally Relents, Offers Downloading

Netflix- Subscribers who are in San- Francisco can now binge on many of their favorite  shows and the movie even when there is no internet connection around.

The long waited offline connection option announced on Wednesday gives Netflix 87 Million subscriber access to videos offline. This is they the first time such will be happening in the streaming service.

The new offline service is a matching feature that the has been offering to it video subscribers for the past few years, thus making Netflix one of the biggest rivals now.

This feature is also is present on YouTube though there is the need for a subscription for  users outside the United States and any other countries where the site sell a premium service.

This new future has elevated Netflix a step ahead of another video site. The offline Option is not available on HBO’s Internet-Only -Package.

HBO and Hulu though it was publicized that service will soon introduce downloading features.

For every Netflix subscriber wishing to download video on their Smartphone or tablet should update their Apple and Android devices.

Not all Videos are enabled by Netflix


It should be noted that not all the Netflix videos can be downloaded but several shows and video are readily available.

Some of the shows available offline include the Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Some of the movies you can download is Spotlight and much more

Walt Disney Co movies are one of the notably missing movies and TV show that are not available for download. Those still need the internet to watch on Netflix.

The CEO of Netflix Reed Hasting had been resisting the offline- viewing option which brings much frustration to customers who want the option of been able to watch movies and shows when they are not able to connect to the internet.

With this Hastings finally decide to bring the offline download earlier this year.

This change of heart by the CEO coincides with Netflix expanding to more than 130 countries all around the world including location with poor internet connection where the ability to watch video online can be so difficult.

With the newly introduce future such area can now enjoy their favorite movies by just watching offline.