Keurig lashed in Twitter storm after ad is pulled from Hannity Show by it

The motto of Keurig’s Green Mountain is “brew the love,” nonetheless; it seemed more like bitter vinegar steaming up on the social media platform after the announcements were made by the single-serve maker of coffee. According to the tweet, the coffee maker said that it has it its todo list the removal of its advertising on the Hannity show.

With the surrounding backlash from most advertisers, Bill O’Reilly goes on Holiday

It was after Hannity seemed to side Roy Moore, the embattled candidate of the U.S Senate that the announcements were made by Keurig. Accusations of the republican surfaced, about how he went after women decades ago when he was still in his 30s and the women he chased, teenagers.

Media Matters for America established that Hannity had implied on his radio show that the described encounter with a teenager was with the consent of both parties. Hannity however later apologized officially saying that he spoke wrongly.

Moore has gone on Hannity’s radio show the following day and denied vehemently all claims that were against him.

Keurig asked to review stand on Hannity sponsorship

The current president of Media Matters, a watchdog group that is committed to making right any misinformation in the media of the United States. He mentioned Keurig in a tweet he shared on the platform, suggesting that he reconsiders his stand on sponsoring Hannity who according to Carusone had said is a defender of child molesters.

Established in an email, the Washington Post published, Gamgort had told his colleagues that the tweet he tweeted was outside the protocol of the company. He shared that it appeared as though the company took sides in a debate that was emotionally charged and that went beyond proportion on Twitter.