Jimi Hendrix Family Sues Brother Over Using Name On Cannabis Products

Rock legend Jimi Hendrix’s family members recently filed a fresh lawsuit over Leon Hendrix, the musician’s brother, alleged “hijacking” of trademarks to use on various Hendrix-themed retail products, including marijuana.


In the lawsuit, Authentic Hendrix and Experience Hendrix stated that Leon along with others,  have previously and repeatedly been daily injunctions for the sale of unauthorized products, however they persist regardless, offering a line of products with the Hendrix name and theme.

“Over the past 10 years, Defendants Andrew Pitsicalis and Leon Hendrix, and a variety of individuals and entities with which they have been associated, have attempted to hijack Plaintiffs’ trademarks and copyrights for their own personal gain,” read the suit, in a file on federal court Thursday in New York.

“Federal courts have repeatedly prohibited those unlawful activities. Ignoring those prohibitions, Pitsicalis and Leon recently have renewed and expanded their infringements of Plaintiffs’ trademarks and copyrights through the creation, development, licensing, manufacturing, promotion, advertising and sale of cannabis, edibles, food, wine, alcohol, “medicines,” electronic products, and other goods.”

Trademark “Assault”

The lawsuit continued to accuse Leon Hendrix of entering a copyright and trademark  “assault.”

“Undaunted by their previously failed and enjoined efforts to exploit the Hendrix Marks, Leon and the Pitsicalis Defendants have now aggressively escalated their conduct into a full-scale assault on the Plaintiffs’ trademark and copyrights that relate to Jimi Hendrix, through nothing less than a fraudulent business model and scheme designed to trade on the Hendrix Marks and copyrights in a manner designed to confuse consumers, investors and licensees,” stated the complaint.

The suit is particularly focused on Pitsicalis, founder and president of Purple Haze Properties, saying that the company “… represents the greatest guitarist in Rock ‘n’ Roll history, ‘my man, Jimi Hendrix,’” that  the suit stated is “knowingly false.”