Jeff Bezos, Owner Of Amazon, Give’s Bill Gates A Run For His Money

Jeff Bezos, owner of the global online marketplace Amazon, is quickly catching up to Bill Gates’ billionaire throne.

Challenger to the throne

Bezos has announced that he’ll be adding Whole Foods to his corporate family. Thanks to the surge in Amazon stocks, Bezos now boasts a net worth of $84.6 billion.

The rising CEO just needs $5 billion to surpass Bill Gates’ number one spot as wealthiest person in the world. Still young, Bezos has the drive and motivation to make this happen.

Bill and Melinda Gates have been focused on their philanthropic pursuits and the accumulation of wealth is the last thing on their minds. Bezos is focused on growing his empire, many reporting he still uses a ‘start-up’ mindset when managing Amazon.

Adamant to keep aggressively growing and expanding his company, Bezos embodies his moto, Gradatim Ferociter, meaning “Step by Step, Ferociously.”

Giving back

Bill Gates still owns just over 2% of Microsoft, but since stepping down as CEO in 2000, he’s been periodically distancing himself from any decision making.

Among his recent philanthropic developments, Gates and investment superstar Warren Buffet have created the Giving Pledge. At least 150 billionaires have signed the pledge – which dictates that they promise to give away at least half of their money during their lifetime.

Although Bezos hasn’t joined the pledge, he has announced last week via Twitter, intentions to explore possible philanthropic strategies.