The Changing Landscape of Renewable Energy Under Donald Trump

One among the many controversial views hold by Donald Trump during his campaign was related to climate change and renewable energy. Having an unfavorable position in both of these key issues, the landscape of renewable energy within the USA and hence the world is about to see drastic changes under President Trump.

The Obama administration devised a key merger with the nation’s largest power producing companies like North East Utilities Inc. This plan was to purchase almost half the electricity they produced  for domestic and industrial needs. The move faced heavy criticism from the oil industry stating the fact that it costs almost twice as much for the conventional fossil fuel power. In addition to an estimated 3% yearly increase in procurement financial burden that would overtime cripple the economy.

As it turns out, Donald Trump also joined the bandwagon, and being the next president he had made the situation a lot more complicated for the renewable industry and climate change advocates.

Lee Olivier, Eversource executive vice president of strategy and business development, stated that the industry is worried about the incoming President. Eversource is one of the companies that took part in the merger for “Technological advancements and increased efficiency design. Olivier also stated that public awareness is crucial to help push the plan in the right direction.

However with all the current complications, the progress in the partnership and coalition of power firms are still heading in the right direction.

Additionally, with a major hold on the countries commercial power the demand to enhance supply facilities is still necessary to move forward with the green energy initiative.

Making a positive change in saving our planet and making it affordable while doing so is the question on everyones’ lips of whether the incoming government will side with the renewable and climate change effort.