Blue biased public presented – and lost almost the same as in the last quarter and last year

The Lunch Service offered a detailed view of finance for the first time, if it was publicly filed.

The most significant results: increase in income. To spend our company with marketing is the same loss. And the blue apron, worth $ 2 billion in its latest risk cycle, shows that investors were expecting numerous.
“We have a history of losses, and we cannot achieve profitability in position or to get,” said the company in its S1 collection.

Goldman Sachs leads the bid, but we do not know what Blue Apron is expecting IPO growth because it has the price for its actions not set or said how it intends to sell.
The move of the Blue Apron is a difficult time for a new wave of food companies delivering. The barrel, headquartered in San Francisco, was closed last week. New York, announced earlier, headquartered in Maple in May that it was closed.

Financial services offer a mixed bag for potential investors

2014: Lost $30.8 million
2015: Lost $47 million
2016: Lost $54.9 million

On the one hand it increases its losses from year to year:

2014: $77 million
2015: $340 million
2016: $795 million

Much of the reason for these losses, the company can be attributed to spend marketing all the money. (If you’ve ever heard a great podcast, you’ve probably heard about the blue apron. The company spent 144.1 million or 18.1% of revenue, on the market in 2016th year
At the end of March, she had about $ 61.2 million in cash. But this is also a long-term debt of $ 99.6 million. And in the first quarter was his cash flow of 74 million in minus.

But the average size will fall slightly year after year, from $ 59.28 in the fourth quarter of 2016 and $ 57.23 in the same quarter of 2017, and the average number of orders per user in the first quarter of 4.5 quarters of last year 4.1 in the latest period.

Blue Apron was founded in 2012 and has nearly 194 million in funding so far grown up. It is estimated at about $ 2 billion. The company is known for sending stuffed food ingredients and pre-measured directly to the buyer, as well as meal preparation recipes.