Apple May Acquire Netflix Along With Several Other Companies

This morning, researchers in Citi investment bank released a full report listing Apple’s seven mergers and acquisition.

Highest Probability

Netflix came first on the list with a probability of 40%. While Tesla of Elon Musk came before last with only 5% likelihood. As for the last one, Hulu scores 0%.

In the report, three of them are media firms, the other three are game developers and the last one is a car manufacturer.

The media companies are Disney, Hulu and Netflix. In addition to Activision, Electronic Arts and Take-Two as the gaming firms. Tesla is the car manufacturer.

From the highest to the lowest chance, the list goes as follows:

  • Netflix: 40%
  • Disney: 25%
  • Electronic Arts: 10%
  • Activision: 10%
  • Take-Two: 10%
  • Tesla: 5%
  • Hulu: 0%

Getting into details in the list, Netflix is a strong media firm that controls streaming media worldwide which is why it comes on top; Netflix will be able to survive as streaming media is the new trend.

On the other hand, Disney is more focused on traditional media but the company’s advantage the ownership of a lot of proprieties.

Tesla as the 6th on the list which means a low probability. However, Apple and Tesla may be a high chance as both share many needs that each will give the other. Tesla wants and needs money while Apple would need the innovation that Tesla has.

Tesla has a vision and developing the future of transportation. It has strong electric cars on top of a very well-known brand. Tesla also masters artificial intelligence which affects its self-driving skills.

Revival Of Innovation

In terms of advantages for Apple, Tesla will use Apple’s money in a prospective industry and will revive Apple’s innovation which is currently not doing well concerning the next launch of iPhone. In that case, both parties will be winners.