Amazon and the Alphabet indicate increased sales

Google’s technological giants Amazon and the alphabet have seen an increase in revenue over the last three months.

Shares in the alphabet gathered after trading after trading for more than $ 1,000 after the company reported sales had risen 24% to $ 27.8bn.

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce web site, rose 34 percent to $ 43.7 billion last year, nearly as large as the Slovenian economy.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s profit surpasses cloud-based revenue estimates

Google still compiles a large amount of revenue and revenue from the alphabet. The so-called “Other Bets” unit, which includes the self driving car business Waymo and activated for the Project Loon WiFi Project “Time Balloon”, recorded an increase in revenue and losses.

Total revenues from other bets amounted to $ 302 million, an increase of $ 197 million last year.


Despite the sales growth of Amazons, the company’s profit was almost the same as investing money into technology and streaming video, data centers and warehouses to support its growing empire.

The company said that earnings from three months to September amounted to $ 256 million, compared with $ 252 million in 2016.

In any case, stocks rose after hours in the market, as well as investors who expect a smaller number, after warning that they expected reinvestment, greeted prospects for growth in the company.

“Just last month we launched five new Alexa enabled devices on the market, Alex introduced in India, announced integration with BMW, exceeded 25,000 capabilities, integrated Alexa Sonos speakers, Alex learned to differentiate between two voices and more. “Bezos said.

The luxury retailer Whole Foods, which Amazon purchased in August, recorded sales of $ 1.3 billion for a quarter.


Microsoft said it had $ 24.5 billion in revenue over the three months to the end of September, 12% more than a year earlier.

Company profits amounted to $ 6.6 billion, an increase of 16%. Microsoft shares rose by 3.1% in hours to record $ 81.2.

Microsoft said that growth was partly fuelled by its cloud processing products, focusing on less reliance on computer sales and legacy software.

Business processes, including the sale of Office 365, generated $ 8.2 billion in revenue, an increase of 28%.

The fourth technology company, Intel, has also seen increased sales and profits. The world’s largest computer chip maker said quarter-quarter revenue rose 2% to $ 16.1 billion, or 34% to $ 4.52 billion.