Why Aldi is moving into the delivery game

A service that was seen as unique to top food retailers and the customers with high income will now be also offered by a collaborated effort of one of the most booming supermarket chains in the U.S and Instacart.

Aldi, the German grocery chain will test run the service in parts of Los Angeles and Dallas, Atlanta by August 31. This signals the competitiveness in the supermarket niche as food retailers aim to fit into the fast-evolving marketplace.

Aldi speaks

The vice president of corporate buying in Aldi, Scott Patton said that Aldi follows the latest trends – e-commerce and the digital world as a whole. He told Fortune that online grocery retailing would be available in the future. According to a new poll from Gallup, retail hasn’t been quick to hit food sales, and about 9% of the adults in the states reported that their family members place an order for groceries online at least once every month. Gallup suggests that the low rate of use means a greater growth potential.

Aldi, famous for its extremely coveted unique label and no-frills stores, have mounted pressure on local grocers trying to get set for an e-commerce future that may be reshaped by the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon.

Patton went on to say that the announcement of Amazon’s Whole Foods comes after the discussions with Instacart. Apparently, everyone seems to be waiting to see how it turns out.

Aldi has about 1,600 stores in the U.S and has pointed out that it will invest about $3.4 billion to make its stores up to 2,500 by the year 2022. With the additional stores, Aldi will rank as the third-largest food seller in the U.S, just below Walmart and Kroger.

Will the discounter of Aldi alter the value for Instcart services?

Although Aldi seems to be the ideal choice for consumers who wish to save more money, the firm believes that it will not make its shoppers flee from paying extra to get Instart services. Patton pointed out that Aldi is known for top quality and low prices. However, in a bid to appeal to high-end customers, Aldi has commenced the movement to meet higher-end zip codes.

Instacart believes that the Amazon-Whole Foods deal has set the startup in a position that appears to be very delicate. However, Aldi’s new deal with Instcart cushions some theories that the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon could help Instacart as many supermarkets aims to delve into the delivery game to care for Amazon.